Amadeus Guitar Duo

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September 26, 2019Esztergon/Ungarn
September 30, 2019Anhui, China
October 2, 2019Suzhou, China
October 4, 2019Xuzhou, China
October 6, 2019Shanghai, China
October 9, 2019Chengdu, China
January 20, 2020Iserlohn (Rotary Benefiz mit Max Klaas)
January 26, 2020Münster (Friedenskapelle) mit Max Klaas
February 26, 2020Wolfville, NS, Canada
February 29, 2020Columbus,GA/USA
March 1, 2020Columbus,GA/USA
March 2, 2020Dallas, USA
March 3, 2020Dallas, USA
March 4, 2020Louisville,KN/USA
March 5, 2020Milwaukee, IL, USA
March 6, 2020Milwaukee,IL,USA
March 22, 2020Mielic/Poland
March 29, 2020Iserlohn with Eden-Stell-Duo
March 31, 2020Timisoara/Romania
April 2, 2020Timisoara/Romania with Eden-Stell Duo
April 3, 2020Timisoara/Romania with orchestra
May 10, 2020Attendorn (Stadthalle)
June 26, 2020Birstonas, Lithuania
July 29, 2020Iserlohn, 20th Guitar Festival
October 23, 2020Paderborn (Dom mit Tobias Aehlig, Orgel)
November 21, 2020Aichach with Gruber & Maklar
November 22, 2020Hankensbüttel (Kloster 18h)
November 25, 2020Burgwedel/Hannover (Amtshof)

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