Amadeus Guitar Duo

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January 20, 2020Iserlohn (Rotary Benefiz mit Max Klaas)
January 26, 2020Münster (Friedenskapelle) mit Max Klaas
February 23, 2020Halifax, NS/Canada
February 26, 2020Wolfville, NS, Canada
February 29, 2020Columbus,GA/USA
March 1, 2020Columbus,GA/USA
March 2, 2020Dallas, USA
March 3, 2020Dallas, USA
March 4, 2020Louisville,KN/USA
March 5, 2020Milwaukee, IL, USA
March 6, 2020Milwaukee,IL,USA
March 22, 2020Mielic/Poland
March 28, 2020Aachen (with Eden-Stell Duo)
March 30, 2020Letmathe with Eden-Stell-Duo
March 31, 2020Timisoara/Romania
April 2, 2020Timisoara/Romania with Eden-Stell Duo
April 3, 2020Timisoara/Romania with orchestra
May 10, 2020Attendorn (Stadthalle)
June 12, 2020Bangkok/ Thailand
June 15, 2020Korea (Dale solo)
June 20, 2020Berlin
June 26, 2020Birstonas, Lithuania (Dale solo)
July 29, 2020Iserlohn, 29th Guitar Festival
August 9, 2020Haltern (Schloss Sythen - Dale solo)
September 6, 2020Barendorf (14. Draht-Saiten-Akt)
October 18, 2020Craiova, Romania
October 23, 2020Paderborn (Dom mit Tobias Aehlig, Orgel)
November 21, 2020Aichach with Gruber & Maklar
November 22, 2020Hankensbüttel (Kloster 18h)
November 25, 2020Burgwedel/Hannover (Amtshof)

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